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The European Documentation Centres (EDC) are a network of information centres, designated by the European Commission since 1964 in order to support the studies, teaching and research on the university level. In the EDC you can find official publications and documents of the European Union and answers to questions from following fields: the European law (including regulative and legislation), European integration, European politics and institutions.  

The University of Maribor Library European Documentation Centre was established in 1993 with the help of the European House and the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is part of the information network of more than 650 centres all over the world.

The aims of the Centre are:

  • to support the university study programmes, which are dealing with the European Union and the integration models; 
  • to support better understanding of the European Union politics;
  • to enable access to documents of the European Union;
  • to cooperate with other EDCs if necessary. 

The EDC materials are located in a special room on the 1st floor and cannot be borrowed. Next to monographs and numerous periodicals there are also some databases on CD-ROMs and microfiches.  The most important collection is of course the collection of the European Union legislation. The centre also enables access to some on-line databases. We offer information on documents, institutions and activities of the EU to our users. We also offer help with more complex questions for research papers, diplomas, and theses that have to do with the EU.

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