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The beginnings of the University of Maribor Library Manuscript Collection go back to the beginning of the Library itself, i.e. to the year 1903. The materials are very various in their contents as in their form. The majority of the materials are contextually bound to individuals, events and places in Maribor and NE Slovenia and they are of a high local historical importance.

Old manuscript


The Manuscript Collections preserves numerous valuables:

  • the oldest one is the Latin manuscript by Peter Lombard Libri sententiarum, which was
    copied in the 14th century and is beautifully illuminated;
  • the first Slovene Maribor literary monument, i.e. the manuscript German-Slovene dictionary written by the Capuchin Ivan Anton Apostol from 1760;
  • numerous students’ leaflets, like Sprotuletna vijolica from 1846, which was written by Maribor secondary school pupils; 
  • manuscripts or correspondence by Leopold Volkmer, Štefan Modrinjak, Anton Krempl, Simon Povoden, Jožef Lipold, Anton Martin Slomšek, Josip Stritar, Fr. Ks. Meško, Ivan Cankar, Anton Aškerc, Stanko Majcen, Anton Tanc, Dragan Šanda and others.

The majority of the materials was donated (individually or as parts of larger legacies), the smaller part was purchased. You can find more detailed information on our library’s manuscripts in three catalogues, which include an author and a subject index.

Manuscript catalogue Ms 1 - Ms 300
Manuscript catalogue Ms 301 - Ms 600
Manuscript catalogue Ms 601 - Ms 850