You can register in the Circulation Unit on the 1st floor during the week from 8.00 to 19.00 and Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00.

Citizens of Republic of Slovenia and foreign citizens who are above fifteen years of age can become members of the University of Maribor Library. Foreign citizens without permanent accommodation in Slovenia need a guarantor.  A guarantor can be an adult member of the library and a Slovene citizen; or a Slovene institution. Foreign citizens, who are students of the University of Maribor, and citizens of the EU who are students of other higher education institutions in Slovenia and who can prove it with a valid ID do not need a guarantor.

For registration you will need:

  • Your photo in classic dimension 3,5x4,5 cm (not needed for the UM students) 
  • A valid identity document (identity card, passport or the new driving licence)
  • Members older than 18 years need to pay the membership fee (see pricelist)

Furthermore you need:

  • University of Maribor students: their student’s card or study certificate (the fee is paid at matriculation to the UM);
  • Students from other universities and institutes: their student’s card or study certificate (they pay the fee at registration);
  •  Secondary school pupils: pupils’ card (until the age of 18.00 they are excused of paying the fee);
  • Unemployed: Certificate of the Employment Agency (they are excused of paying the fee);

At registration all members (except the University of Maribor students) pay the fee for a new membership card (see pricelist).

With the registration to the UML or any other library at the University of Maribor you are automatically member of all libraries in the system.

Slovene citizens need a personal ID, foreign citizens a personal ID and a guarantor. With membership in one of the KISUM (University of Maribor academic libraries) you are automatically member of all libraries in the system.


The University of Maribor Library has, from 1. 10. 2014 on, a new membership card with a photo. The new card has a chip which will enable some new services in the library.  

The new membership card is issued to all new members and to those who wish to have the new one. The old membership cards (paper cards with photos and the plastic cards without photos) will be valid until 30. 9. 2016.

The UM students can use their student’s card as a library card.

The membership card is non-transferable. Members are responsible for their appropriate use.

Welcome to the University of Maribor Library!