How to search for materials I want to borrow?

A student searching for books

You can search for materials in one of the catalogues or directly in the open access area.

The online catalogue can be accessed in all libraries that use the COBISS System. The search procedure is the same in all libraries; only the location information is different. These data show you the location of the materials for each specific library and are essential for the search. Before searching make sure that you search in the right library. The information on the library you are searching in is written in the upper part of the screen in the column BAZA PODATKOV/DATABASE.  

The location information is written under the record for a specific item.


Item details (call number, location…)      Item status
Prosti p. 2. nad. 628.5    183178                on loan, outside loan, return within 20.09.2021

Borrowing books online

Borrowing books online

Special collections materials (handwritings, ephemera, cartographic materials…) are kept on different locations and can be accessed by appointment with the responsible person or in the open access.

When searching for the materials in the open access you need to pay attention to the location information. The location data or the shelving number is a combination of letters and numbers or only numbers, which according to the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) represent a specific field of knowledge. The letters stand for specific location in the library:

1st floor 2nd floor 3rd floor
P1  – Open access on the  1st floor P2  – Open access on the 2nd floor P3  – Open access on the 2nd floor
D – Local History Department ČČ – Newspaper Reading Room Č – Reading Room
B – Librarianship Collection PPČ - Newspaper Reading Room
(Information Sources)
K7 – Film and Music Collection
I – Information Collection – Periodicals Department K8 – Subject Specialists’ Room
EDC – European Documentation Centre K – Technical Department AČ – Austrian Reading Room
MI – Interlibrary Loan K6 – Subject Specialists’ Room P3  79-9 – Open access on the 3rd floor + first shelving numbers
Iv – Information sources in the Information Collection

PP3, PP6 – Open Access Attendant

  KP – Periodicals Department  
  ČČI – Reading Room Attendant  


When you find the shelf you can search for your materials according to the call number. The call numbers are organised in a growing numbers order. At the beginning of a shelf there are materials of larger format, labelled with II ( II 38845 ).

How to borrow materials?

Materials you wish to take home or use in the library have to be registered at the circulation desk on the 1st floor.

Materials can only be borrowed by the library members in person and with a membership or student card. Materials that are labelled with “Č” – for the reading room cannot be borrowed outside, but they can be used in the library. The loan period is mostly 1 month, if not stated otherwise. You can borrow 8 titles at one time. Exceptions are granted by the information staff. You cannot borrow more copies of the same title.