Librarians - tutors

Supporting the University of Maribor scientific, research and artistic activities

The role of librarians-tutors is based on the cooperation with the University of Maribor, who in 2011/2012 started with an intense development of the tutoring system. The aim of this system is to make the freshmen’s studies easier, to support the intergenerational cooperation and to take care of the students’ personal and professional development during the studies.

The University of Maribor Library takes an active part in the individual and group tutoring at the University of Maribor by informing the students about the services and activities offered by the University of Maribor Library and other faculty libraries as well as in information literacy for successful searching, evaluating and using information sources within their study process.

Continual yearly activities to fulfil the above mentioned programme are:

  • Freshmen Week;
  • Student October;
  • 15 information literacy education modules;
  • organising lectures and other numerous ways of being part of the University of Maribor scientific, research and artistic activities (exhibitions, different projects like Se beremo, Filmika, Noč raziskovalcev, Ko te napiše knjiga, Sprehodi iz knjižnice v mesto, Day-night reading room Čuk, symposiums, events …).

The active and systematic inclusion in the University of Maribor information literacy is carried out by competent librarians for each individual field of knowledge on the level of team work between students, professors and librarians.

The concept of librarians-tutors represents the possibility of an equal partnership for achieving the set goals of educational programmes and for contributing to the excellence of university studies.