The collection is open every working day from 8.00 to 14.30,
Tuesdays from 14.00 to 17.00

Karmen Salmič Kovačič, Ph.D.
Phone: (02) 25 07 472

Available every working day from 8.00 to 15.00,
Tuesdays from 8.00 to 17.00,
or by appointment

About the collection

Two kinds of the University of Maribor Library non-book materials are joined under the name Music and Film Collection – the music and film materials. The basic aim of the collection is collecting, processing, preserving and promoting the cultural, artistic, historic and local history materials (music recordings, video recordings and scores, as well as providing information on these materials.  The library materials from the fields of music and film should, in form of reference and specialized materials, support the education and research of both arts from different points of view. Materials of local history importance have a special status when collecting the materials. These materials also include legacies of composers and other music artists from Maribor and sound and video recordings from private archives and the archives of the Slovene national television (documentaries about famous institutions, personalities and phenomena of the NE Slovenia). One of the goals of the Music and Film Collection is the promotion of music and film culture and information literacy. The collection is located in a special room on the 3rd floor.

Film collection

Searching the materials and information

Bibliographic records of the materials from this collection are, since 1989, entered in the COBIB database and therefore the card catalogues in the collection are great supplement when searching for older materials. These card catalogues are accessible duringthe collection’s opening hours.

You can get information by phone or email from the subject specialist, who also takes your suggestions for buying new materials.


The majority of the Music and Film Collection materials can only be used in the reading room (in the study cells or library’s reading rooms). Some of the materials can exceptionally, i.e. for study and research purposes, be borrowed. Most of the materials are located in the stacks and a selection of materials in the collection itself. A part of the notes is put on the shelves on the 3rd floor, where you can also find books on music and film.

The materials from the stacks are available during the library’s opening hours. The materials with the location “Music and Film Collection” (»Glasbena in filmska zbirka«), if used after 15.00 (Wednesdays after 17.00) need to be previously reserved by calling or mailing the subject specialist.  The materials are then provided by the Local History Department or the reading room supervisor on the 3rd floor, when the collection is closed.

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