Our library in years

On 18th March nineteen intellectuals from Maribor decided to establish the Historical Society for the Slovene Styria. With this act the Library of the Historical Society for the Slovene Styria was also founded and its first librarian and archivist was Avguštin Stegenšek.

The Library had 312 units of library materials, an inventory book, an alphabetical card catalogue and library rules. The president of the Historical Society was Pavel Turner, Ph.D., and with his own money he bought an extensive collection of publications published by the Yugoslav academy and publications of the Styria Historical Society.

Old library

On 16th November the Decree on Obligatory Copy was issued and the Library of the Historical Society for the Slovene Styria got the right of an obligatory copy from Slovenia. In this way it became a public library and received the same status as the prominent libraries in Ljubljana, Belgrade and Zagreb. 

Viktor Grčar, the mayor of Maribor, selected the casino building on Slomškov trg 17 as suitable place for the library.

Old library

In March the city council decided to take over the costs for a librarian and on 15th March Davorin Žunkovič was appointed to this job. Later on the princess Elizabeta Obolenska joined him as a librarian.

Old library

On 11th April Nazis occupied the library’s premises and deposed the library’s director, Prof. Janko Glazer. The major part of the Study Library materials was taken to Graz to the Südostdeutsches Institut and to  Steiermärkische Landesbibliothek.

The taken books were returned to Maribor; more than a quarter of pre-war library holdings were lost. On 10th September the Ministry of Education passed a decree on establishing district study libraries for the Celje, Novo mesto and Maibor district.

Old library

On 1st March the library was formally established. 

Students in the old library

On 1st May the new library premises were opened on Prešernova ulica.

Meeting in the old library

A statute, which describes the library as the central scientific library for Maribor and its surroundings was passed.

Beginnings of higher education in Maribor.

On 4th October the Decree on Obligatory Copy was passed and the printers had to send at least one copy of each publication to the study libraries.  

The Study Library became the central library of Maribor higher education. The Law on Libraries was passed. 

On 1st April Prof. Bogo Teplý stated with documenting Marburger Zeitung.

Bogo Teplý

The library’s statue – the library is now the central public library for Maribor and its surroundings and at the same time the central library of Maribor higher education.

The Study Library is renamed into the Academic and Study Library Maribor. 

On 12th June the agreement on unification with the University of Maribor was singed and the library was an equal co-founder of the University of Maribor, which was established on 3rd July.  On 23rd September the library is again renamed, this time into the University of Maribor Library.

Signing the agreement

On 3rd June the Agreement on establishing a library-documentation-information system of the University of Maribor was signed. The Music Collection, the Geographic Collection and the Ephemera Collection were established.   

The library got an interactive connection with the University of Maribor Computer Centre.

An intensive users’ registration and bibliographic entries as well as the computer based lending began. The University of Maribor Library was the first library in Slovenia with a computer based lending. The software, which made this possible, was developed by the University of Maribor Computer Centre and librarians of the University of Maribor Library. The very first bibliographic record in COBIB has the ID=6524417.

The first OPAC version was introduced. The Local History Report for the Slovene library system was prepared and it served as the basis for implementation of IT in the local history activities.

Construction works for the new library building on the location Miklošičeva, Gospejna and Orožnova ulica began. In the University of Maribor Library the bibliographic data were entered according to the UNIMARC standard.  

Building the new library begins

New library scaffoldnig

The lending system was updated with barcode software and hardware; beginnings of information sources in electronic form.  

The library materials were moved from the old building in the new one – “the human chain”. On 25th November the library got a new and modern library building. All new materials were recorded in the local and in the union database – i.e. the system of union cataloguing.

Moving books via human chain

Human chain

An automatic call numbers and inventory numbers counting was introduced, the concept of the University of Maribor Library Information System (KISUM) was updated and a joint library card for all libraries of the university was introduced.  The Austrian Library (Avstrijska čitalnica - AČ) was established.

The University of Maribor Library was, because of the few days of war, for the third time in its history forced to close its doors and to protect its materials.

On 21st March the main library hall was named as the Glazer hall.  With the Decree on the University reorganisation our library became the 11th member of the University of Maribor.

On 21st January the University of Maribor Statute was passed, where the University of Maribor Library is defined as the central university library that supports the educational, scientific, research and art activities of the University and also coordinates the library information activities and bibliographies.

On 20th November the General Maister’s Library was arranged.

General Maister’s Library

The University of Maribor Library celebrates its 100th anniversary as the University of Maribor central library, as the academic library for Maribor and its surroundings, as an archive library for Slovenia and as the regional local history library for Maribor and NE Slovenia. 

UKM employees

The offer of electronic information sources was updated. The University of Maribor students, professors and researchers can also access the electronic sources from home.

The library building was renovated and better bioclimatic conditions for the users, staff and materials were ensured.

Beginning of card catalogues digitalisation.

New rooms for group work were arranged and special attention was paid to users with special needs. Our library took an active part in the European Capital of Culture.

On 1st March the ČUK reading room, which can be used by the University of Maribor Library members until midnight, was opened.  


110 years of UKM