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Maps and atlases are an indispensable source of information on space and its characteristics and are at the same time basis or upgrade for studying many professions, not only cartography, but also  geography, history, hydrology, and geology. The Cartographic Collection is a special collection and as such it collects, preserves, processes and mediates classic printed cartographic materials like maps, topographic and other maps and atlases. It also provides information on and access to information source from this field.

Old map

Searching the materials

The Cartographic Collection constituted four independent central card catalogues already back in 1965. They can still be used today in the collection itself and are used as starting point for information on older materials.  

Since 1993 the bibliographic records are included in the local and in the union catalogue and can be found in COBISS.

Ordering the materials

For cartographic materials found in OPAC an ordering form must be filled out in the Lending Services.

For searching older materials, which can be found only in the card catalogues, or for questions regarding the contents of the materials you should contact the subject specialist in the collection’s opening hours.


The cartographic materials can be used in the library in the reading rooms or in the Collection.

All the materials have the “FOR THE READING ROOM” (ZA ČITALNICO) status.