We wished to present the most important personalities, which shaped our city’s development and therefore we prepared a biographic lexicon with the title “Mariborčani”. The title itself indicates that this lexicon offers biographic data on personalities, who were born in Maribor, went here to school, were in any way actively engaged in the city life or wrote about Maribor. The online biographic lexicon “Mariborčani” is constantly updated and it at the moment includes information on 100 personalities.

The basic aim of this biographic lexicon is not just the presentation of biographic data, but most of all the presentation of their meaning for the city, their creativity and achievements. Some of the headwords also have photos. 

 The biographic lexicon is designed in the way in which it can constantly be upgraded with names and information from the local history. Because the process of data collecting and processing is long lasting, you are kindly asked to send your remarks, suggestions and offers to:

Lexicon editors:
Nina Lončar (until 2021)
dr. Vlasta Stavbar (2022–)


The author of the online biographic lexicon “Mariborčani” and the copyright holder is the University of Maribor Library, Local History Department. The text and picture materials can be used only for personal use and for research and study purposes. The information source needs to be stated.