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The collection is open every working day from
8.00 to 19.00, Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00

The Human Anatomy Model Collection consists of models of human body parts, made of artificial materials in full-scale or enlarged. There are 31 models in the collection. All of them consist of smaller parts and can be put together or apart. Each model also has a list of anatomic structures in different languages. The collection is gradually being renewed.

Human anatomy collection

The Human Anatomy Model Collection is meant for users interested in the human body anatomy.  The collection is accessible in the Anatomy Study on the second floor. Anatomy textbooks, atlases and handbooks are also part of the collection.  The materials from the collection can only be used in the Anatomy Study, which can be used by one to maximum four users. You should contact the Reading Room supervisor or the subject specialist if you want to use the study. The users find information (the name and the call number) of the model they want to use by themselves. The information is available in the local UKM COBISS/OPAC catalogue and in the Human Anatomy Model Collection Catalogue. For more information or help please contact the subject specialist.