10. January 2024

Become a co-creator of the city's visual memory!

Do you own classic photographs of Maribor from the past decades? We welcome you to share them with us for possible inclusion in our Ephemera Collection.

We're particularly interested in images capturing the essence of Maribor's streets, buildings, and daily life from the 1990s to the present.

Once received, we will carefully evaluate each submission, selecting the most representative images for incorporation into the collection. We will ensure their proper preservation, cataloging in our library catalog, credit the author and maintain your ownership information. These photographs will be accessible to the public for research, educational, and leisure purposes.

Please deliver your photographs in physical form, enclosed within a sealed envelope, to the UKM Lending desk (1st floor) by the end of February 2024, along with your contact details. Following the review process, we'll be in touch to discuss next steps. We are deeply thankful for your generosity and contribution to preserving our city's heritage!

Photo: "From the Library to the City," 2017, preserved in the UKM archive