The University of Maribor Library Organisation Chart 

Units of UKM

THE UNIVERSITY OF MARIBOR LIBRARY PROFESSIONAL BOARD is a professional organisation, whose members are the library’s director, heads of units and departments, two members of staff elected by colleagues, and a student, who is appointed for two years by the University of Maribor Student Council. The members are:  

  • mag. Dunja Legat - Director
  • Bojan Oštir
  • dr. Vlasta Stavbar
  • doc. dr. Jerneja Ferlež
  • Sandra Kurnik Zupanič
  • red. prof. dr. Janja Hojnik
  • red. prof. dr. Dean Korošak
  • red. prof. dr. Borut Žalik
  • Nomi Hrast, student representative till 22. 6. 2023

The University of Maribor Library Professional Board:

  •  discusses and decides on professional issues of the research programme and other programme matters;
  • sets professional basis for work and development of the programmes;
  • checks the pursuance of work and development programmes;
  •  gives suggestions to the director on work organization and terms of development;
  •  suggests a director candidate to the rector;
  • fulfils other professional assignments given by law or statute.

The University of Maribor Library Professional Board Rules of Procedure

Zdenka Petermanec

Dunja Legat, M.A.
02 25 07 485

THE DIRECTOR'S OFFICE is run by director, who has a 4 years mandate to successfully, responsibly, efficiently and developmentally take care of the library services, which are executed by the University of Maribor Library according to its public services. These services are defined by the university, regional and national milieu and are written in the library’s mission. The main task of the director’s office is the fulfilment of short-term goals stated in yearly work plans.   

Director’s closest team are Borut Gaber (secretary general for managerial question), Vlasta Simonič (secretary), Jerneja Ferlež, Ph.D. (public relations)


Head: Mojca Žuželj Ogrizek
02 25 07 489

ADMINISTRATION OFFICE takes care of administrative, legal, personnel, financial, accounting and technical (maintenance and security) matters. Finance and Accounting Office and Maintenance are parts of the Administration Office.

Mateja Pongrac

Head: Mateja Borak
02 25 07 471

LEARNING AND RESEARCH SUPPORT DEPARTMENT is responsible for the collections of professional and scientific literature (in print and electronic form) from specific field of knowledge. Subject specialists are responsible for literature from their specific field throughout the whole process from acquisition to lending. They help users to search and find materials in the library and elsewhere.  Subject specialists also take part in the library’s educational services, i.e. in information literacy and educating users for managing bibliographic references.



Unit Director: Branka Kerec Prekoršek, M.A.
02 25 07 445


  • Acquisition (takes care of library materials acquisition),
  • Cataloguing Service and
  • Serial Records Service (take care of bibliographic processing of library materials and of the University of Maribor bibliography).

Sandra Kurnik Zupanič

Unit Director: Sandra Kurnik Zupanič

02 25 07 424


Head: Maja Jelen

02 25 07 438


  • Information Service
  • Lending ((helps users with using the library and its services)
  • Interlibrary Loan Service (borrows materials from other libraries in Slovenia and abroad and also lends materials from the University of Maribor Library to other Slovene and foreign libraries).

Vlasta Stavbar

Unit Director: Vlasta Stavbar, Ph.D.
02 25 07 434

LOCAL HISTORY AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS DEPARTMENT collects, keeps and specifies subject headings for materials connected with Maribor and North-East Slovenia. It helps users with searching and collecting information on events and individuals connected with the above mentioned region.  Next to information from periodicals and literature, users can also research handwritings, ephemera (postcards, photographs, posters…) and music. Users can also use rarities and very valuable materials in the department reading room.



Develops and maintains the UML information system, the digital repository e-UKM and the University of Maribor Digital Library.  The department also produces its applications, coordinates the digitisation and digitises materials, puts them into the digital repository e-UKM and cares for permanent digital contents preservation. According to the strategic plan, current projects and the research agenda it follows and tests the open-coded programme solutions for the library and information services. The unit is in charge of purchasing, promoting, maintaining and accessing electronic sources, supporting teaching and learning (inclusion of ICT technology into the study process – e-education), and organising study contents and user education.

Head: Miloš Petrovič
02 250 7 432