Reading room


The Newspaper Reading Room is located on the 2nd floor and offers place for 230 users. It enables access to almost 2000 titles of Slovene and more than 300 titles of foreign newspapers and magazines as well as to numerous foreign electronic journals. Periodicals are meant to be used in the reading room and cannot be borrowed; they can be copied or scanned.

The Newspaper Reading Room also offers:

  • 12 PCs for searching the Internet and information in electronic information sources; Microsoft Office software is installed on 5 of them;
  • A PC with a scanner;
  • 4 microreaders and 1 microreader that enables copying.

For researching in old periodicals, which were published before World War II, you should contact the Rarities and Old Periodicals Collection.

4 study rooms for group work of up to 5 people are also part of the Newspaper Reading Room. The study room Nr. 4 is designed as an anatomical study

The Newspaper Reading Room supervisor can approve the use of study rooms on the basis of membership card. Peace and quiet must be kept in the study rooms. The use of mobile phones and other sound devices is not allowed. Eating and drinking in the study rooms is also prohibited.