Naslovnica knjige: Handbook of Patriotism
Mitja Sardoč (Ur.)

The Handbook of Patriotism brings together more than 50 chapters by some of the leading authors on the main themes and concepts associated with this area of scholarly research. Each chapter provides a comprehensive coverage of a particular aspect of this complex (and controversial) social phenomenon. This handbook is intended to provide a clear and authoritative exposition of key contemporary conceptions of patriotism, to discuss the justification and the motivational impulses associated with patriotism and to examine some of the different ideas most commonly associated with one’s attachment, identification and loyalty to a political community. At the same time, it covers a number of basic concepts associated with the ‘standard’ analysis of patriotism, e.g. civic friendship, solidarity, associative duties, civic virtue, loyalty, pride, responsibility, courage etc. Given the complexity and controversiality associated with the foundations, nature and the value as well as the status, scope and the justification of patriotism, a particular section of the handbook is devoted to the most pressing criticisms and objections dividing both advocates and critics alike.

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